Medical Center Regensburg
CeHR: Internationale Konferenz 2007
eHealth: Combining Health Telematics, Telemedicine, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics to the Edge
eHealth Competence Center Regensburg

2. bis 5. Dezember 2007







Time Speech title Speakers
Sunday, 2007-12-02
10.00 - 12.00 Guided Walking City Tours
Meeting point: Rathausplatz, in front of Tourist-Information
15.00 - 15.30 Opening and Greetings
Meeting point: Runtingersäle (Location)
Opening of CeHR 2007 Bernd Blobel, Regensburg, Germany
Welcome Address of the Dean of the Medical Faculty Bernhard Weber, Regensburg, Germany
15.30 - 16.50 Combining the Domains Hosting and Supporting Organisations
IMIA Conference Introductory Address Peter Murray, Nocton, UK
EFMI Conference Introductory Address George Mihalas, Timisoara, Romania
ISfTeH Conference Introductory Address Michael Nerlich, Regensburg, Germany
16.50 - 17.10 Coffee Break
17.10 - 18.20 Combining the Domains Keynotes
eHCC Conference Introductory Address Bernd Blobel, Regensburg, Germany
Competing Status and Trends of National eHealth Programmes Ricky Richardson, London, UK
18.20 - 19.00 Supper Break
19.30 - 21.00 Cultural Event (Welcome Reception)
Location: Reichssaal (Meeting point: Rathausplatz, in front of Tourist-Information)
Classical Intermezzo Vocal ensemble Formosa (former members of the Regensburg Cathedral Boys' Choir "Regensburger Domspatzen")
Musica, die ganz lieblich Kunst (Johannes Jeep)
Bonjour mon coeur (Orlando di Lasso)
Wasserfahrt (Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy)
Ich ging durch einen grasgrünen Wald (Max Reger)
Lonesome Road (Bob Chilcott - King's Singers)
In stiller Nacht (Johannes Brahms)
Welcoming Address Hans Schaidinger, Lord Mayor of the City of Regensburg
Greeting's Message Alf Zimmer, Professor and Rector of the University of Regensburg
Greeting's Message Emilia Müller, Bavarian State Minister for Economy, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology
Address Bernd Blobel, Associate Professor and Conference Chair, eHealth Competence Center Regensburg
Monday, 2007-12-03
09.00 - 10.45 Session 1: eHealth for Personalised Care
Personalised Care Settings Christoph Lehmann & Marion Ball, Baltimore, USA
Bioinformatics and Genomics for Opening New Perspectives for Personalised Care Hiroshi Tanaka, Tokyo, Japan
EHR Architectures - Comparison and Trends Bernd Blobel, Regensburg, Germany
Poster: Integrating eHealth and Medical Research: The TMF Data Protection Scheme Klaus Pommerening, Mainz, Germany
10.45 - 11.15 Coffee Break & Poster Exhibition
11.15 - 13.00 Session 2: Legal, Political and Social Challenge for Advancement of Health Systems
New Imaging Services for Diagnosis and Therapy Albrecht Reith, Oslo, Norway
Legal and Social Responsibility in Health Service Chains Christian Dierks, Berlin, Germany
eHealth Interoperability - Legal, Political, Technical and Organisational Requirements with Emphasis on Standards William E Hammond, Durham, USA
Poster: A Usable Operations Support for Mobile Health Care Nicholas A. Ikhu-Omoregbe, Ota, Nigeria
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 - 15.45 Session 3: National and International eHealth Strategies and Implementations
Bavaria - Motor and Partner for Advanced Health Services Gerhard Knorr, Munich, Germany
Current status of national eHealth and telemedicine development in Finland Jarmo Reponen, Oulu, Finland
Education in Biomedical Informatics and eHealth Jana Zvarova, Prague, Czech Republic
Poster: Social-sanitary Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management in the context of ICT for Integrated Health and Social Care Rubens Pereira, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
15.45 - 16.15 Coffee Break & Poster Exhibition
16.15 - 18.20 Session 4: New Sciences and Technologies
Technical paradigms for realising ubiquitous care Erich Reinhardt, Erlangen, Germany
Successful Working Architecture For National eHealth Platforms Iain Bray, London, UK
Nanotechnology in Future eHealth Tadao Sugiura, Nara, Japan
Synthetic Biology Giuseppe Tritto, Paris, France
20.00 - 24.00 Conference dinner (including keynote)
Meeting point: Haus Heuport
Globalisation of Markets and Differentiation of Societies - Ethical Challenges for Health Eike-Henner Kluge, Victoria, Canada
Tuesday, 2007-12-04
09.00 - 10.45 Session 5: From Dream to Reality
eHealth Europe - Dream or Real Chance Octavian Purcarea & Ilias Iakovidis, Brussels, Belgium
ICW eHealth Framework Karsten Klein, Walldorf, Germany
The Social Challenge of Ubiquitous Care in Aging Societies Sabine Koch, Uppsala, Sweden
Poster: Architectural Approaches for HL7-Based Legacy Systems Integration Diego M. López, Popayan, Colombia
10.45 - 11.15 Coffee Break & Poster Exhibition
11.15 - 13.00 Session 6: Privacy and Ethics in Future Health Care
Delivering Health Services - Humanistic Obligation in Developing and Third World Countries S. Yunkap Kwankam, Geneva, Switzerland
The Challenge for Security and Privacy Services in Distributed Health Settings Socrates Katsikas, Samos, Greece
Connecting Health Care and Public Health Andrew Balas, Norfolk, USA
Poster: Method and Model for a Real-Time Web-Centric Diabetes Expert System P.M. Beulah Devamalar, Chennai, India
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 - 15.45 Session 7: Basics for Multidisciplinary and International Semantic Interoperability
Establishing and Harmonising Ontologies in an Interdisciplinary Health Care Environment Mathias Brochhausen, Saarbrücken, Germany; Barry Smith, New York, USA
Multilingual Documentation and Classification Kevin Donnelly, Chicago, USA
Changes in Medical Documentation over the Last Five Decades Joachim Dudeck, Lich, Germany
Poster: Information technology tools for clinical decision support in eHealth system Alvydas Paunksnis, Kaunas, Lithuania
15.45 - 16.15 Coffee Break & Poster Exhibition
16.15 - 18.00 Session 8: eHealth Applications
Application of Standards - Need for Successful Development or Restriction in Innovation Gerd Ochel, Sophia Antipolis, France
Opportunities and Limitations for Advanced Telediagnosis and Teletherapy Michael Nerlich, Regensburg, Germany
The Danubian Biobank Project Gerd Schmitz, Regensburg, Germany
Poster: Estimation of Mental Stress Levels Based on Heart Rate Variability and Stress Factor in Mobile Settings Desok Kim, Daejeon, South Korea
18.00 - 18.15 Closing and Farewell
Wednesday, 2007-12-05 see Workshops

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